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[UA] Team

Sep 7, 2023

Among the 50 participants joining the RMIT Careers Festival 2023 took place in September 2023, UnAvailable had an honour to greet, talk and look for potential human for the company

On September 21, the UnAvailable (UA) team actively participated in the Career Fair at RMIT University (Vietnam), seizing the opportunity to engage with students and discuss potential career paths at UA. With a rich history dating back to 2004, UA is on a trajectory of rapid growth, and we continuously seek young talent across various departments.

Early in the morning, our team, including members from human resources and the client team, headed to RMIT University to welcome students. From the outset, the booth attracted numerous students eager to learn about career opportunities at UA. Team members not only shared valuable information but also addressed inquiries about the work environment and potential career trajectories.

We were thrilled to witness the enthusiasm and passion of these young individuals. We firmly believe that RMIT (Vietnam) students will play integral roles in shaping UA's future. This year's event, with a focus on 'sustainability' aligned with UA’s values, aims to connect with students who share similar values, fostering a collaborative effort to create a positive impact.

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